Bakers Dozen 13 Pies Just £30

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Click the link below to order £30 per month

2,000 Grams
What is in the box?:
Steak, Chicken and Leak, Chicken and Mushroom, Vegan Curry, 8" Roll, Chirizo Roll, Black Pudding Roll, Lamb and Pea, Meat and Potatoe, Mince and Onion, Pork Pie, Cornish Pasty , Meat and Potatoe
How often do I get a Box?:
You can choose, every month, two months or a one off, and even skip a subscription month if you wish, there is no contract, our online subscription portal puts you in full control.
When do I get my box delivery?:
Your first delivery will arrive within 3 days, orders placed on Friday and Weekends could be a little longer.
Can I create my own box?:
Yes you can just browse our products and create an order and add the words please create this for me in the notes.
See individual pie Allergen info on links below.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review